Monday, 6 March 2017

Tomb Style - Gym Time

So here we are, with issue two of Tomb Style! (Slightly later than planned due to some technical issues)

Now is it just me or do Gyms always seem so serious? Well we think that we might just have a solution to lighten the mood.

For this set we have gone with our Interpretive Dance T-shirt in black, that features our good buddy Vern the Rat. This unisex tee is great for so many looks. Throw on some jeans with it and your good for a shopping trip and lunch with your mates. Pull on your favourite sweat pants with it and curl up in front of the TV in comfort; or do what we have here and wear it to make the gym a more fun and quirky environment.

For this quirky gym look we have teamed the shirt up with some cool wet look leggings. With this being a black on black outfit, we feel that the different material surfaces, the matte of the shirt and the patent finish on the leggings, help break everything up so that it doesn't end up looking like you have some odd cat suit on. To this we have also added a Varsity style hoodie, again, to break things up with the grey tones as well as the black but also, just to add to that sporty feel as well as comfort. And of course, a gym outfit wouldn't be complete without a gym bag now would it? We discovered this fun and quirky bag on Polyvore, and think that it would be the perfect thing to liven up that gym atmosphere. Show them all that you don't take your self to seriously and you can be fit as well as fun.

This is a real casual look that would be great if you are meeting up for lunch with friends, but don't want to look like you have just come from a workout. Maybe your not even heading for the gym but want to look awesome but still be comfy with minimal effort, either way this could work for you!

All items in this set can be found below.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

All Hands on Deck!

So we are busy tinkering away in the Tomb, coming up with some new ideas as well as dealing with the after effects of American Apparel being sold off.

All our items are printed in the USA by an amazing third party company. Pretty much all of our clothing items are printed onto American Apparel. We chose to use that particular brand as a base for our items because their clothing was made in the USA, and we wanted to be able to ensure that our items were good quality as well as ethically made. We are now in the process of lining up alternative bases for our items, but we can no longer be certain that all of our items will be made in the USA. Hopefully this will all change in the coming weeks; so far we have only found a made in the USA alternative for the T-shirts. This means we may have some stock issues, or have some items temporarily disappearing form the store.

In happier news, we have been working on some designs for leggings. At the moments we are just waiting (somewhat impatiently) for the sample to arrive. So keep your eyes peeled for an unboxing video! This is just one of several new and shiny ideas that we are working on, so watch this space for more awesome sauce throughout the year!

Sneak Peak.......